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Grace Trust

Towards a Brighter Future

Who We Are

At Grace Trust, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Established in 2005, Grace Trust (a registered public charitable Trust) aims at empowering underprivileged children and women from the disadvantaged sections of society, transcending barriers of caste, religion, community etc. Education is our primary focus, we also work in allied areas helping the communities develop as a whole. In addition we engage in Disaster Relief efforts and upliftment of the Differently Abled.

Many Thanks to our Family, Friends, Donors & Supporters all these years, the source and strength behind our mission!

About Us

Making A Difference







To enable an equal, just and inclusive society through education and service to uplift the underprivileged communities


  • Educate and empower children from underprivileged sections of society through formal and lateral learning

  • Adopt, partner with non-profit schools, institutions in the greater Chennai area identified after careful scrutiny

  • Establish open-education centres through community-level initiatives

  • Improve quality of life - physical, social, moral in less privileged environments

  • Help and support the differently abled lead dignified lives with sustainable livelihood

  • Promote Green environment, planting trees, caring and living with nature

  • Provide, relief, help, assistance and support for the needy during times of disaster

People Behind

AMMS Xavier, founder, visionary, managing trustee, former Govt official, social activist, author, writer, speaker, man of many parts, the guiding light behind Grace Trust's journey and activities.

Anto Vincent, founder trustee, corporate leader, HR Guru, writer, speaker, trainer, passionate about personal development, youth and social reform.

Mary Amutha, trustee, award winning social worker, workhorse dedicated to family, work and social causes, live wire on the field, has a soft heart for the differently abled.

Arokia Inian, trustee, infotech entrepreneur, social activist, committed to education as the mantra for equality.

You can make our dreams come true...

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