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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!

Grace Trust aims to empower the poor, underprivileged and disadvantaged sections of society through enabling and funding their education. Education provides for livelihood, liberation and can eradicate many ills of society.

Education we believe is the most powerful tool that can impact and transform people's lives resulting in:

  • Social upliftment

  • Empowerment of Children especially Girls children

  • Improved Quality of life

  • Equal Opportunity

What We Do

We provide funding, assistance, help and support for various needs such as:
- Academic Fees
- Educational materials
- Tuition and Coaching
- Infrastructure for Schools
- Teacher Assistance
- Computer Literacy

Our Model

Our model works in partnership with Schools, Donors, Beneficiaries and Educational Institutions. We follow a 3-Step process to achieve the objectives and ensure efficient implementation.

  1. Carefully choose deserving non-profit Schools and Institutions that provide quality education to economically weak and less privileged sections of society.

  2. Coordinate with the Management and Teachers of the schools to assess their needs and identify needy and deserving children for sponsorship and support.

  3. Once assistance is rendered, we Monitor the progress of children and projects through reports, followups and feedback in collaboration with the Schools.

In deserving cases, where affordable, we sponsor diligent students for higher education, empowering them to utilize their potential to the maximum.

While Education is our mainstay, on need basis we involve in other social and allied causes such as Healthcare, Nutrition, Material Aid and Disaster Relief.

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