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Childrens Home

In 2005, as the first step in our mission, we established a Home for Less-Privileged Children to provide a healthy atmosphere for the holistic growth of the children. Around 25 children who were not able to pursue their education due to the loss of the main bread winner of the family or for other economic reasons were housed there.They were provided with food, shelter, medical care and other needs by the Trust. The children were admitted in a nearby school to facilitate their continued education. It was a very happy family with regular inputs for value based life. Mirth and laughter combined with prayer, yoga and meditation to sharpen the intellect kept the home robust. Some pictures below recount the happy days of "THE HOME".

The Home was operational until 2010 after which the scope of service was widened to be more inclusive and impact the lives of many more children, We have subsequently focussed on supporting education for less privileged children and adopted schools, institutions that provide free or subsidized education catering to children with such disadvantaged backgrounds.

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